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On the final day of the Biodiversity Forum 2024, participants engaged in a tree planting activity near Resorts World Awana, Genting Highlands.
Guided by Mr. Eddie Chan’s expertise, we delved into the region’s diverse flora and fauna, gaining insights into the critical importance of biodiversity preservation.
Motivated by Eddie’s fervor and the mantra of ‘Preserving, protecting, and promoting the biodiversity treasures of Genting Highlands,’ we sprang into action.
Together, we meticulously planted over 300 trees along the Genting verge, with the aim of restoring habitats for the siamang gibbons and other wildlife species.
This hands-on conservation approach not only fostered camaraderie but also left an indelible positive impact on the environment.
Our collective efforts epitomized a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the natural splendor of Genting Highlands for generations to come.