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The Malaysian palm oil industry through the Malaysian Palm Oil Green Conservation Foundation (MPOGCF) remains committed in supporting the conservation of orangutans as an endangered and protected wildlife species.

As an agency under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC), MPOGCF initiates, collaborates and supports environmental and wilidlife conservation initiatives as well as sustainable practices related to and within the Malaysian palm oil industry, with a strong commitment and networking with various stakeholders.

To that end, this year MPOGCF has provided funding to the Sabah Wildlife Department amounting to RM1.5 million in our effort to support its population survey on the status and long-term vialiability of orangutans in Sabah.

In addition, MPOGCF initiated the 1 Million Forest-Tree Planting Campaign in 2019, a 10-year project in collaboration with the Sabah Forestry Department as part of the industry’s initiative in orangutan habitat reforestation, with an estimated investment of RM28 million.

Prior to the above, the industry through the Malaysian Palm Oil Council has also funded two key orangutan conservation initiatives in the Borneo states:

1. Population survey on the orangutans living in Sabah’s agricultural landscape by the Borneo Conservation Trust together with HUTAN which was completed in 2018, with survey areas that include assessing the status of orangutan conservation as well as the trends in orangutan distribution, densities and conservation threats, among others.

2. Orangutan Conservation Programme in Sarawak, a collaboration with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation since 2014 which was completed in 2017 with the publication of a full scientific report alongside orangutan conservation efforts in Sarawak’s protected areas; the national parks of Ulu Sebuyau, Sedilu, Gunung Lesung and Maludam.

These initiatives reflect the role that the industry has been playing as an active partner in orangutan conservation alongside its continuous advocacy in sustainable oil palm practices.

MPOGCF will continue to work closely with the parties mentioned and with various key stakeholders at local and international levels who are actively involved in orangutan conservation and in biodiversity and sustainability initiatives in Malaysian palm oil industry.



The Malaysian Palm Oil Green Conservation Foundation (MPOGCF) is an initiative mooted by the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) to support conservation initiatives related to the palm oil industry and reflects its commitment towards conserving the environment.

The projects already funded by MPOGCF include the 1 Million Forest-Tree Planting campaign, the setting-up of the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary (BES), the establishment of Sabah’s Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) and the Malayan Tiger Conservation program. With all the various environmental and conservation efforts carried out by MPOGCF, it is hoped that it will enhance the reputation of the palm oil industry in achieving world recognition in sustainability practices.

MPOGCF is continuously looking at critical areas related to green conservation within the oil palm industry for short, middle and long-term protecting, managing as well as conserving our natural heritage.

Our commitment is to showcase to the world that the Malaysian palm oil industry is a responsible and environmentally-friendly industry. The funds provided show the commitment of the industry in conserving nature and promoting green landscape. Wildlife such as tigers, elephants and orangutans are indicators of healthy ecosystems.

For more information on MPOGCF, please visit

For media enquiries, contact Tuan Nazuri Tuan Ismail ([email protected] / 012-3479 144) or Nik Faris Nik Rahim ([email protected] / 012-6244 190) at Corporate Communications, MPOGCF


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