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The Malaysian Palm Oil Green Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the palm oil industry and conserving the rich biodiversity of Malaysia. In line with its mission, the foundation organizes this event to commemorate World Orangutan Day.

The event highlights the role of sustainable palm oil practices in mitigating the impact on orangutan habitats. It emphasizes the importance of preserving and restoring orangutan habitats, supporting research and conservation efforts, and encouraging community participation in sustainable development initiatives.

Educate and Raise Awareness

The event aims to educate the public about challenges face by orangutans due to habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, and other threats. By providing accurate information and highlighting the importance of orangutan conservation, the event aims to increase awareness and understanding among participants.

Promote Sustainable Palm Oil Practices

The event highlights the role of sustainable palm oil production in orangutan conservation. It aims to promote the industries commitment within the palm oil industry that minimize environmental impacts, protect orangutan habitats, and support the livelihoods of local communities.

Engagement with Stakeholder

The event serves as a platform to bring together individuals, organizations, and stakeholders from palm oil industries. By fostering collaboration and networking, the event aims to encourage joint efforts and partnerships in addressing the conservation challenges in Malaysia.