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MPOGCF had been intricately involved in the event International Planters Conference (12-13 Jun 2023) that brings together agriculture experts, farmers, oil palm smallholders and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector from around the world.
Throughout the two-day conference, also aims to address, discuss, and share knowledge on agricultural challenges and opportunities for developing sustainable agriculture practices that can contribute to food security, economic growth, and environmental conservation.
The conference was held in Hotel Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur where more than 100 agriculture experts from different parts of the world gathered to discuss various sustainable oil palm practices and challenges faced globally. The theme of the conference was “Ensuring the Resilience of the Palm Oil Industry in the 21st Century”.
We are grateful to all visitors who stopped by our booth and showed interest in our initiative. We look forward to creating a memorable impact on our target audience and positioning ourselves as a leading brand in our industry.