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Mr Joseph Tek Choon Yee, Chief Executive of MPOA, delivers a compelling keynote on the second day of Biodiversity Forum 2024, titled “Synergy in Sustainability: Navigating Conservation Dynamics with Oil Palm Business.”
Reflecting on his experience at IJM Plantations Berhad, he underscores the imperative of purpose-driven organisations in nurturing sustainability. Encouragingly, he notes that KLK Berhad, the successor to IJMP, continues to uphold and enhance social-environmental initiatives.
Tek transcends the traditional divide between biodiversity and business, advocating for a delicate balance among the interconnected pillars of ‘people, planet, and prosperity’, crucial for global food security. He emphasises the necessity for pragmatic, science-driven solutions that transcend ideological biases and trade protectionism.
Moreover, Tek stresses the importance of dialogue and constructive engagement on biodiversity conservation, coupled with driving productivity growth and embracing sustainable practices. He calls for exceeding existing benchmarks and continuous improvement within the industry.
Ultimately, Tek envisions genuine partnerships and co-existence, positioning palm oil as a beacon of sustainability while prioritising biodiversity preservation. His message resonates as a call to action for stakeholders to collaborate towards a more sustainable future, where the palm oil industry can thrive as a model of environmental stewardship and economic prosperity.