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THE Malaysian Palm Oil Green Conservation Foundation (MPOGCF) has reiterated its commitment to support green conservation initiatives in the palm production industry.

Its GM Zamakhshari Muhamad (picture) said he strongly rejects allegations that the oil palm industry’s operations are environmentally damaging.

“Some of them are associating oil palm plantations with deforestation and a threat to wildlife populations especially the orangutans and Bornean elephants in Sabah.

“Much of the information disseminated was inaccurate and flat out exaggerated,” he said during a high-tea session with the media yesterday.

He added that MPOGCF, through its role, is dedicated to ensure biodiversity and wildlife conservation efforts can be given priority and is more focused to ensure that the Malaysian palm oil industry remains sustainable.

“Currently, we are focusing on plantation projects to balance out nature and the palm oil production as a whole,” Zamakhshari added.

The projects include planting a million trees to rehabilitate the orangutan habitat; a Malayan tiger conservation programme; and funding of a wildlife rescue unit in Sabah, among others.

“In addition, it is important to understand that the impact of palm oil in the country is enormous especially in alleviating socioeconomic activities as well as the household income.

“Any bad narrative on the palm oil industry in the country will influence the price, hence, poses a negative chain impact on the masses,” he said.

In that regard, he stressed that these biodiversity and wildlife conservation efforts need to be disseminated to clean up Malaysia’s image and prove that the palm oil industry is sustainable, as it is the fourth largest contributor to GDP.

To date, MPOGCF has completed 29 projects in collaboration with stakeholders such as the Sabah Forestry Department, Sabah Wildlife Department, Sarawak Forestry Corp, Department of Wildlife and National Parks and more. — by NURUL SUHAIDI / source Zamakhshari Muhamad’s Facebook 

Source: The Malaysian Reserve